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I am a person with no name...and many names. 

My birth parents named me Dennise Lynn.

My adoptive parents named me Erinn Elizabeth.

In my adult life, I adopted the name Erinn Earth.

My spiritual name, devapriya Yogini, was given to me in 2013 by a Yoga master named Michael Beloved during an initiation ceremony that certified me proficient in teaching Ashtanga/inSelf/Patanjali Yoga and in the manipulation of the KUNDALINI life force energy.

"deva" means 'gods" in Sanskrit,

and "Priya" means 'dear to'.

So the name devaPriya means 'dear to the gods'. 

Yogini is a title, or designation -

such as priestess or chaplain.

From the very beginning my life has been a pursuit of truth. My past was kept secret and I was and remain a classified person.

As an adoptee, I was fully cut off from all origins. I had no information about my genetic families - and no therapeutic outlet to access. My desire for and acquisition of knowledge of self has been both joyously and painfully humbling.

Healing has taken many forms in my growth process. From reunification with my biological families to becoming vegetarian and from discovering the truth about the shape of our Earth to learning about the agenda of the kabbalistic global elite, I've used my time on this plane to make discoveries, to face difficult truths and to up-level my over-standing of my own place within myself and within creation.

I received my original birth certificate from my birth state a few years ago. In the space where your name is written, mine was blank.

My pursuit of true self consciousness, atma consciousenss, has been able to become methodical thanks to the application of the systematic process that is YOGA.

1. Yama

2. Niyama

3. Asana

4. Pranayama

5. Pratyahara

6. Dharana

7. Dhyana

8. Samadhi

I have two YouTube channels: 

Erinn Earth contains backyard wildlife and music content. I love to sing and play guitar and cover all my favorite chants, mantras and cover songs.

Erinn Earth - devaPriya Yogini contains awesome content on Yoga - lectures, classes and interviews.

BELOW ARE LINKS TO MY BOOKS and a few of my many VIDEOS found on YouTube.


Erinn Earth ~ devaPriya Yogini   Order My new Book "Splitting the Atma" on Amazon!!

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