Are You Your Own Twin?

Identical twins are different. If you are around any, you know. Although so similar they are hauntingly different when you really look at them. And in my experience, they are often conflicted. Cooperative, attached, but conflicted.

It’s hard to imagine the intelligence of nature being able to manufacture two of the same thing, but differently.

In a comparable way, many of us have noticed that one side of our own body is slightly different than the other. Sort of like a twin - but within. The two sides of our bodies may appear to be the same, but they are not - not completely - they actually look and operate differently.

Why would that be?

What am I two parts stitched together?

Why wouldn’t they be exactly the same?

And why would we have two, a duplicate, of just about everything inside this one container?

Why also would it be that the brain has two clearly divided hemispheres and as the brain-stem travels down the back of the neck the nerves coming from the right side of the brain cross over to the left side of the body to manage it and the nerves coming out of the left side of the brain cross to the right side to manage it?

Do you notice that your two sides have individual characteristics? Attitudes and attributes?

I’ll tell you about my own. My left side is the dominant side of my body EVEN though I am right handed. This means that the right side of my brain is dominant. The left side of my body feels that it is in charge, leads the way through this life and even feels protective of the more refined and demure right side of me. My left side likes to shelter the right side so that the right side can conduct its refined skills. And the right side enjoys and appreciates this opportunity.

My right side is smaller, daintier, more feminine, intelligent and refined.

My left side is take charge, alert, primal, bigger.

Lately in meditation it feels clear why nature would design the brain-stem to crisscross into opposite sides of the body.


Everything in this creation seems dependent on this force we call balance.

I’ve studied the relationship between my hands and written intimately about them ( – how they communicate together, help each other, create together, comfort each other, protect each other, encourage each other to try things each is not used to just for the challenge of it. Sometimes when I am performing a task that I usually do with my right hand, it will encourage the left hand to give it a try. And vice versa.

Playing instruments, typing, cutting and painting hair, the precision of pedicures and nail painting, I take many opportunities to study the relationship of balance and cooperation between the two sides of my working organism.

Why not? Nature is a sensation!

Consider thinking this way. Let’s say there are three basic parts of ourselves contained in one physical vessel. We have the left brain, the right brain and the conscious self (spiritual person) located in the center of the two brain hemispheres and on the subtle level.

After practicing yoga asana with pranayama (aggressive oxygen infusing breathing) and pratyahara (retraction of attention into one’s self), when sitting in meditation it is a good time to subtly, psychically, examine this set up of your body.

You may begin to notice a pulsating coordination of your body dynamics and a flow of energy between the two hemispheres in there. You may notice how these two sides our your body operate in unconscious, energetic union with each other to give you, the centralized feeling of you, the experience of being a living person in this type of dimension.

What a wonder we live within.

So there are two distinct sides of your body, each with its own characteristics, working in accordance with its natural bilateral counterpart.

Explore each side, inspect how they operate. Notice that on the physical/mental level, you are dealing with two different aspects of nature that are fused together to simulate an experience of individuality. (Individuality is everywhere!)

Meditation is a good time to perceive this little divine package that you are! Take pleasure in the sensations of balance between the two you's! And take even deeper pleasure as the core self, suspended between!


Erinn Earth ~ devaPriya Yogini   Order My new Book "Splitting the Atma" on Amazon!!

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