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Updated: Sep 7

For the last few years, I’ve been compelled to reconsider what we are taught in school about the Earth, the sun, moon, the stars and the layout of the ‘universe’.

Through an application of natural study, meaning, through the use of my own senses and intelligence faculties, I have been looking at this environment, this natural world, in a different way.

I'm using my own developed method of: research, contemplation, meditation, application and deduction.

Each step of the process from research to deduction, takes time and is given whatever time and attention needed to make a sound conclusion.

With each observation and experiment I conduct, I give myself permission to leave behind the programming downloaded into each of us during our years subjected to the worldwide Rothschild school system - reinforced by a world full of indoctrinated adults who were once children taught the same things.

I let go of what I think I know about the Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars and the realm at large – for the sake of possibly seeing something for my self.

To be my own scientist.

My own cosmologist.

My own Earthologist.

Why take the word of competitive scientists and government cosmologists who I don’t even know, when I myself am a scientist? One really only needs a keen intelligence, a scientific method, and the bravery to 'do' science.

How does Yoga make one a supreme scientist?

As a person who has applied the yoga process to the best of my ability in my last known lives, I’ve come to discover yoga is an integral part of super-natural investigation.

The goal of yoga is its eighth stage called “samadhi”, in Sanskrit.

Samadhi translated is this:

Sam = Complete

Dhi = Insight

Samadhi = Complete Insight.

Complete insight is a big deal according to Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutras which standardized the 8 stage process that is yoga.

Complete insight means that you can look at something with clarity and pure intelligence.

It means you can examine things from a highly unbiased point of view.

The phenomenon of unblemished, fully intelligent viewing, is ONE level, or aspect, of the complete insight that comes as the goal of yoga.

Samadhi is perfected, lengthened and with serious practice made as the standard condition within the psyche.

Patanjali tells us that once we achieve a complete insight (samadhi), to use it to examine things we once didn't understand.

He specifically suggests in chapter 3 of the Yoga Sutras to apply the complete insight to some particular things:

Knowledge of the past and future (ch3 vs.16)

Knowledge of language of all creatures (ch3. vs.17)

Knowledge of previous lives (ch.3 vs.18)

Knowledge of the contents of the mental and emotional energy in the mind of others (ch. 3 vs.19)

Power of invisibility (ch.3 vs.21)

Power of imperceptibility (ch.3 vs.22)

Knowledge of entry into the hereafter (ch.3 vs.23)

The power of friendliness (ch.3 vs.24)

Strength of an elephant (ch. 3 vs.25)

Knowledge of what is subtle, concealed and what is remote from him (ch. 3 vs.26)




Knowledge of the layout of his body (ch.3 vs. 30)

Suppression of hunger and thirst (ch. 3 vs. 31)

Steadiness of psyche (ch.3 vs. 32)

Views of the perfected beings (ch.3 vs. 33)

The ability to know all reality (ch.3 vs. 34)

Insight into the causation of the mental and emotional energies (ch. 3 vs. 35)

Knowledge of the individual spirit (ch.3 vs. 36)

In the first stages of complete insight, the supernatural experiences can be quick and fleeting but clear in the truth of what you observed and the knowledge gained from it.

But it doesn’t happen just because you will it to.

Or because you sit down in a good mood and you’re feeling good about yourself for the moment and you conjure up some message from the universe meant just for you.

I’m not talking about new agey feels.

I am talking about yogically induced supernatural insight.

Supernatural perceptions come after much alone time and oxygen infusion through the entirety of the psychological house (subtle body) and the components within it you use to view things and analyze things.

Carbon dioxide in the system has to be greatly reduced because it clouds perception.

Oxygen has to be greatly increased because it cleans our perception equipment. With continued discipline those perception tools may convert to higher modes of usage for supernatural experiences.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna refers to "reality piercing insight". He stresses to the emotionally incapacitated warrior Arjuna that in order to fulfill his duty, he would have to execute the duty using reality penetrating insight. He would have to see the battle before him through yogic eyes; eyes which pierce through the unknown to see the supernatural truth of any matter.

What is Krishna's reality piercing insight?

In my opinion Krishna's reality piercing insight is the same as Patanjali's complete insight or samadhi.

And how does one determine if one has experienced even a single moment of complete, unobstructed, uninfluenced, unconditioned insight?

Because the yoga requires you to keep track of these things.

The process is very personal and observable to the practitioner. Yoga requires the practitioner accountability for retaining progresses made.

It’s between yourself, your meditation, your contemplation, your application of insight and your relationship with the powers that be. All these things should be examined and kept sorted.

This level of practice is difficult to get to because it requires a lot of meditation and alone time. The world culture is very active and socialistic, so true yoga practice is scarce.


I’m studying the movement of the sun, its path and the way it distributes its light.

I've meditated on it and drawn conclusions that do not match up with what we were taught.

I’m studying the movement of the moon, its path and the way it distributes its light.

I’ve meditated on it and my experiences and conclusions differ with those of what we were taught.

I’m studying the movement of the stars at night and as I’ve watched them and meditated on them, my conclusions have been different than those we were taught.

I’ve physically flown in an airplane high up into the sky multiple times, each time searching for the curve of the Earth, but my conclusions do not coincide with what we were taught.

The horizon keeps meeting me at eye level.

There is something above us that really matters in terms of our level of local insight and the application of the complete and clear insight onto matters that face us right here, right now.

I won't tell anyone what to believe for themselves, but during my observations and meditations it was made clear in my consciousness something I had suspected, but had not yet truly integrated.

That is that the sun really is a deity. Not in a symbolic way, but literally. Not in some superficial, gaseous yellow dwarf kind of way, but as a divine entity, an everlasting maintainer of life on this plane.

Among the many things it does, the sun tells us what time of day it is.

The moon is also a deity. A supernatural being producing its own noticeably cool light, displayed in sections ranging from full light to medium light to no light. The moon follows a set path and is responsible for many functions in the system.

Among many things, the moon tells us what day it is.

The night sky displays fixed luminaries following the exact same course each and every season. Nevertheless we are indoctrinated to believe that the Earth and ‘solar system’ careen at high speed through an endless space vacuum filled with exploding gases called nebula, or stars.

But what I have found through my observations though is that with cultivated insight these points of light are experienced as coherent celestial entities.

Poets, philosophers and prophetic star gazers have written and immortalized the night sky as the handiwork of the Gods, a supernatural environment of heavenly worlds.

Among many things, the stars tell us what month it is.

The Earth too, is a deity. It appears a celestial plane of unknown expanse and shape. In coordination with the sun, moon and stars, it lives, breathes and nourishes purposefully, its inhabitants, its children.

The sun, moon, stars and earth are not the result of a cosmic accident, but, rather, purposeful parts of a functioning dimension with Earth as the central platform of this particular realm.

There are many higher realms, and there are lower realms.

The Earth is not moving though, as we’ve been told it is, at least not by my physical, mental and cosmic calculations.

It vibrates, it is alive and is the face of this portion of the cosmic clock, functioning in the perfect divine timing it displays to us and did to all of our ancestors.

Looking up in this new way has invoked a sense of cosmic grounding, a sensation in my psyche which has stabilized my internal energies and alerted me to the importance of offering proper knowledge filled respect for the celestial stability and immobility of Earth.

Patanjali mentioned this stability of the psyche.

Because of my investigations, I have a new relationship with Earth.

As Erinn Earth, I couldn’t be more pleased with this.

I am a lover of knowledge and it is my pursuit.

Even if the new knowledge causes me to have to change/modify/evolve my world view.

I'll do it again and again. Up-leveling my consciousness.

Thanks to moments of clear insight, I have some new understanding of the realm we live in - which is held together by celestial forces mostly unimaginable to the average human mind.

Especially at this juncture in human history.

We seem especially distracted away from really looking at the sky.

The sky is often our first encounter with something unmistakably divine.

It may be little or it may be big.

Everything is relative to the experiencer.

It may be one small step for Erinn Earth….but one giant leap for devaPriya Yogini.

(Or the other way around)

(Or both at once and at the same time.)

(Oh life, you big paradoxical reflex you!)

Thanks for listening!


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