Is It All About Your VIBRATION?

Updated: Aug 23

Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

I agree. And....if you want to understand the secrets of your deeper self and your whereabouts in existence, think in terms of the level and quality of vibration.

Could it be that you can practice whatever religion or spiritual path you feel compelled toward, devote yourself to any of the known deity’s or conceive of your own, yet, despite your devotion, in the end, could it be only the quality of your vibration that determines your next living environment? Specifically, the astral environment you will inevitably find yourself in upon the immediate death of the physical body, as well as what environment you may be eligible to physically incarnate in in the future.

When the physical body dies, we find ourselves still very much alive, but in a body of energy, energy that once animated the physical body.

We’ve always had this energy, most of us, since the beginnings of this creation, so we’re used to it. It lives in a continuum, therefore, it doesn’t feel like a big surprise when you’re in it, even without the physical body, because you’re in it right now. It, the subtle energy body, passes back and forth between physical dimensions and astral dimensions with you in it as a conscious or unconscious passenger. Its really more real to you than your physical body, its more "your" body than the short lived physical one is. Even though the energy body ultimately still belongs to and is managed by Nature.

The energy body has many names; astral body, subtle body, kundalini life force, dream body, chi body, psyche, psychological house, dream body, etc.

Contained within the subtle body are subtle organs including specialized organs of insight contained in the head and along the spine. It also contains its own sense of identity.

The subtle body is a vibrating body, vibrating at inconceivable resonance, at a unique rate only you can really sense through self awareness and meditation.

So in the end what does our spiritual practice come down to?

What really makes us eligible for that higher dimension we're shooting for? That heavenly world we conceive ourselves in?

The one that God promises us in the scriptures?

What is our part to play in getting there?

I think it might come down to the quality and level of the energy body vibration.

The quality of your transcendental vehicle - the subtle body.

Could it be the ultimate decider of the location of our next environment?

Dimensional environments vibrate at certain frequencies. Even physical sciences have detected that.

Vibration is a real thing. Everything that exists vibrates. Even the so called inanimate.

Even color.

What is color? (Edgar Cayce’s book called The Power of Color Stones and Crystals, is life changing in terms of how we perceive life on a vibrational level.)

Color is a vibration. The only thing that causes color to exist in our world is literally particles and energy vibrating at a certain speed.

Violet is the highest vibrating color of them all.

So what is our true power over ourselves?

I think right now for us incarnates, its insight - and purification - of our vibration.

Its requires self awareness and self care and the cleaning up our psychological and physical houses.

Cleaning and organizing always heighten vibration, inside and out.

Internally, on the subtle level, we use oxygen as our main cleaning agent (pranayama).

We each have to find our combination of ways. Breathing techniques, physical activity techniques, dietary techniques, mental techniques, sound techniques and obviously, big time meditation techniques.

Your vibration could be what equals your power now - and in the end - and in the future after the end.

Everything we do, every action and every thought, either sustains, lowers or heightens our individual vibe.

It behooves us to take our lives and our vibes seriously - and to make decisions that keep it heading in the direction we want to go in existentially.

(Krishna Divine Child art credit Michael Beloved)


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