Spiritual Liberation = Kundalini Annihilation

In Yoga what we ultimately want is to liberate ourselves from the wheel of reincarnation.

The wheel of reincarnation is made of a substance, a bio-psychic material intelligence that, for the purposes of this article, will be known as the ‘kundalini life force’.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit word that literally means ‘coiled she-serpent’. It is the designation, or name of, the ever changing program we experience and refer to as “Mother Nature”. She has many names; some call her Goddess, Madre, the Matrix, the Material Universe, Prakriti.

Kundalini energy is not spiritual energy - quite the contrary!

This image represents what this material world is in its simplest principle - a cyclic material force that gives birth to, evolves and simultaneously destroys itself at once. It is not you. You are not it.

We, as spiritual beings, live inside this and we lose track of our identity. We were ‘put’ into it, so to speak, long ago and it is a closed system with few escape possibilities. Like a womb.

Yoga is an escape possibility.

When we practice yoga we are practicing toward the end of rebirth, this is what our consciousness is focused on, the eventual end of material rebirth, even if it takes a thousand lives practicing yoga, the end of kundalini.

This article will explore my answers to these questions:

- What is Kundalini?

- How did we get here inside it?

- Why should I convince my Kundalini to annihilate itself?

- Who am I without it?


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is the environment in which we live. We call her Mother Nature and when we examine the situation we are in here, we must come to terms with the reality that we are dependents. We are not in charge; we do not run the functions. She manages everything. The body and mind you use belong to her. You do have a personal will of your own but as you might imagine, while you are living with your mother, it is her will that dominates in her house.

In this case, on a universal scale, she is the generator, organizer and dispenser (the g.o.d) of our current reality.

But let me ask you this. Do you want to live with your mother forever? Isn’t it a natural progression of one’s development to eventually move out, move on and become one’s own person, no longer singularly identifying with mother’s energy? Through lifetimes of birth and death we learn to appreciate, admire and respect our mother, but do we want to live under her authority and sensual requirements eternally?

Or? Do we think more of ourselves and our own personal spiritual identity and ability to mature out from under mom’s excessive control? In Yoga we do think more of ourselves and want to know more about ourselves and the other side of existence.

Remember, the mystic nature of the serpent has been revered, feared and worshipped throughout all recorded time. Why? My guess is that once human intelligence evolved the intelligence to notice the similarity between the serpent and the human spine/chakra complex they put two and two together and discovered a way to symbolize and honor the Earth, the elements and the universe.

The human spine, epitome of evolutionary progress, walks around like an upright, confident serpent who has sprouted (evolved) a head and arms and legs and an extravagant nervous system. It loves, and is programmed to think, it is somebody.

Look at the central serpent that is the spine.

How did we get inside it?

So how did we get here and how did the evolutionary process begin?

Through meditation I have come to understand that this natural universe, including all its corresponding astral planes, is an incubator kind of structure and we were put here through the divine, yet causeless, interaction between spiritual energy and material energy – between mom and dad.

The supreme Mother and Father, attracted to one another, capable of interaction and creation, but independent of each other as well.

They came into contact and He ejaculated us into her and here we are.

What science calls the big bang, I call the Big Ejaculate.

The meeting of the grand masculine and grand feminine produces a strange world and is most accurately symbolized by the Shiva Lingham and Durga Yoni in Hinduism, as shown.

It took me much time in meditation to understand the deep importance of this combination.

We spiritually originate in the Father energy because He is stable, unaffected and all spiritual energy originates in Him.

Everything that is material is of Her, the Mother energy, she is unstable, affected. All particles, subtle and physical, originate in her.

It’s true that in reality each of us, as real beings, is an eternal nano-spark of spiritual energy - but we can’t deny that we live in a material environment and that it is what we relate to most. It is the sole source of our anxiety and lack of understanding ourselves.

In yoga we aim to conquer that misidentification that causes perpetual anxiety and discipline ourselves out of confusion and misunderstanding.


If we are into Yoga here’s how -

- Patanjali’s 8 steps of Yoga found in the Yoga Sutras- here we find that we are expected to clean up the materialistic life through lifestyle regulations, obligations, also through mystic exercises, purification breathing, internalization of attention energies, and the three stage meditation process beginning with effortful connection to a higher concentration source, then to spontaneous less effortful connection, and then into a consciousness of complete insight (samadhi).

- In yoga we believe we have to cultivate a lack of interest in the mundane physical/psychic world and focus our efforts off the physical/mental grid and relocate our conscious attention toward association with higher forces and beings of spiritual energy through an advanced type of dissociative meditation called samyam which is stages 6, 7, and 8 of the Patanjali yoga process. See Chapter 1 Verses 12-17 of The Yoga Sutras, translation by Michael Beloved

- Study and practice of The Bhagavad Gita

- Study and practice of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

Why should I convince my Kundalini to annihilate itself?

The ultimate answer to that question is, because it’s worth it.

During meditation I have felt and experienced more than mere glimpses of the spiritual world. The feeling of proper spiritual identification is life changing.

What we want, as yogins, is to pull ourselves up, brush off the dust that is the kundalini sense suit, and start our spiritual lives in earnest, heading toward an environment suitable to the heart of the spiritual being.

Who Am I Without It?

Through my practice, supported by the guidance of my teacher, I’ve proven to myself that I am separate from the kundalini life force and that I possess a spiritual will.

This will is the force of who I am as a spiritual person (atma) and it has to work hard, day and night to maintain any kind relationship or awareness with itself while existing in this universe. This universe is a total distraction to spiritual living, but is also the only way out.

We must harness these material energies and make them work for, serve and even adore the core-self.

It is the greatest hope I have ever felt.

The proof to myself that I am me.

That I exist….and possess a will that can do things in this world! I can assert myself and act contrary to the sensual desires of kundalini!

I can reform the nature of the body and mind I use.

This will has the power to reform the body mind to the point where the body/mind accepts that it is not eternal, accepts that it is but a tiny, deteriorating reflection of what the glorious self really is. It finds this out in meditation. It accepts that it is insufficient as a self and that it cannot be alone, the self. It realizes that it is the spiritual self and it will not be lost if the kundalini annihilates.

Everything that is wondrous about you, everything worth holding onto exists in the spirit.

Nothing is lost, when all this is gone.


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